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Accurate Group Of Florida

Founded in 1995, Accurate Doors and Shutters is a family owned and operated company, serving Brevard County. Whether you are renovating, redecorating, or building, we can help you choose the right opening protection for your needs, from garage doors and hurricane shutters to windows and doors. In addition, we are one of the areas leading suppliers of electric rolling screens for garage and lanai openings.

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A hurricane rated garage door will remain in place under much higher wind pressure than a non-rated door.
The addition of hurricane shutters protects the openings in your home from hurricane force winds.
The retractable garage door screen offers the homeowner the ability to enjoy the beauty of their doors.
Accurate Technicians are thoroughly trained. They are familiar with all garage door systems, work fast.
Code approved hurricane protection at the touch of a button or easy manual operation, your choice.
Service and repair of the electric garage door opener itself, including the lift mechanism that pulls the door up.

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Hurricane Precautions and Preparations:
When a hurricane is on the way is not the time to check your shutters. Hurricane shutters should always be inspected before hurricane season begins. If there is a problem or question on hanging/deploying your shutters or doing repairs to make sure every shutter on your home is in working order, it is imperative you allow enough time to get the problem fixed before the storm hits. If help is needed or questions need to be answered, we at Accurate Doors & Shutters are always just a phone call away. Even if we did not hang your shutters, we can adjust or repair them properly and answer all of your questions.

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